Percobaan 16 January 2013

Hari ini bangun pagi lagi jam 03.30 nyempetin ngutak ngatik Menyalakan LED dengan stik ps dan arduino

#include <PS2X_lib.h> //for v1.6

PS2X ps2x; // create PS2 Controller Class

//right now, the library does NOT support hot pluggable controllers, meaning
//you must always either restart your Arduino after you conect the controller,
//or call config_gamepad(pins) again after connecting the controller.
int error = 0;
byte type = 0;
byte vibrate = 0;
const int ledPin = 8;
const int ledPin2 = 7;
void setup(){

//CHANGES for v1.6 HERE!!! **************PAY ATTENTION*************

 error = ps2x.config_gamepad(13,11,10,12, true, true); //setup pins and settings: GamePad(clock, command, attention, data, Pressures?, Rumble?) check for error

 if(error == 0){
 Serial.println("Found Controller, configured successful");
 Serial.println("Try out all the buttons, X will vibrate the controller, faster as you press harder;");
 Serial.println("holding L1 or R1 will print out the analog stick values.");
 Serial.println("Go to for updates and to report bugs.");

 else if(error == 1)
 Serial.println("No controller found, check wiring, see readme.txt to enable debug. visit for troubleshooting tips");

 else if(error == 2)
 Serial.println("Controller found but not accepting commands. see readme.txt to enable debug. Visit for troubleshooting tips");

 else if(error == 3)
 Serial.println("Controller refusing to enter Pressures mode, may not support it. ");

 //Serial.print(ps2x.Analog(1), HEX);

 type = ps2x.readType();
 switch(type) {
 case 0:
 Serial.println("Unknown Controller type");
 case 1:
 Serial.println("DualShock Controller Found");
 case 2:
 Serial.println("GuitarHero Controller Found");
 pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);
 pinMode(ledPin2, OUTPUT);

void loop(){
 /* You must Read Gamepad to get new values
 Read GamePad and set vibration values
 ps2x.read_gamepad(small motor on/off, larger motor strenght from 0-255)
 if you don't enable the rumble, use ps2x.read_gamepad(); with no values

 you should call this at least once a second

 if(error == 1) //skip loop if no controller found

 if(type == 2){ //Guitar Hero Controller

 ps2x.read_gamepad(); //read controller

 Serial.println("Green Fret Pressed");
 Serial.println("Red Fret Pressed");
 Serial.println("Yellow Fret Pressed");
 Serial.println("Blue Fret Pressed");
 Serial.println("Orange Fret Pressed");

 Serial.println("Star Power Command");

 if(ps2x.Button(UP_STRUM)) //will be TRUE as long as button is pressed
 Serial.println("Up Strum");
 Serial.println("DOWN Strum");

 if(ps2x.Button(PSB_START)) //will be TRUE as long as button is pressed
 Serial.println("Start is being held");
 Serial.println("Select is being held");
 if(ps2x.Button(ORANGE_FRET)) // print stick value IF TRUE
 Serial.print("Wammy Bar Position:");
 Serial.println(ps2x.Analog(WHAMMY_BAR), DEC);

else { //DualShock Controller

 ps2x.read_gamepad(false, vibrate); //read controller and set large motor to spin at 'vibrate' speed

 if(ps2x.Button(PSB_START)) //will be TRUE as long as button is pressed
 Serial.println("Start is being held");
 Serial.println("Select is being held");

 if(ps2x.Button(PSB_PAD_UP)) { //will be TRUE as long as button is pressed
 Serial.print("Up held this hard: ");
 Serial.println(ps2x.Analog(PSAB_PAD_UP), DEC);
 //led high
 digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH);

 Serial.print("Right held this hard: ");
 Serial.println(ps2x.Analog(PSAB_PAD_RIGHT), DEC);
 //led high
 digitalWrite(ledPin2, HIGH);

 Serial.print("LEFT held this hard: ");
 Serial.println(ps2x.Analog(PSAB_PAD_LEFT), DEC);
 //led low
 digitalWrite(ledPin2, LOW);

 Serial.print("DOWN held this hard: ");
 Serial.println(ps2x.Analog(PSAB_PAD_DOWN), DEC);
 //led low
 digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW);


 vibrate = ps2x.Analog(PSAB_BLUE); //this will set the large motor vibrate speed based on
 //how hard you press the blue (X) button

 if (ps2x.NewButtonState()) //will be TRUE if any button changes state (on to off, or off to on)

 Serial.println("L3 pressed");
 Serial.println("R3 pressed");
 Serial.println("L2 pressed");
 Serial.println("R2 pressed");
 Serial.println("Triangle pressed");


 if(ps2x.ButtonPressed(PSB_RED)) //will be TRUE if button was JUST pressed
 Serial.println("Circle just pressed");

 if(ps2x.ButtonReleased(PSB_PINK)) //will be TRUE if button was JUST released
 Serial.println("Square just released");

 if(ps2x.NewButtonState(PSB_BLUE)) //will be TRUE if button was JUST pressed OR released
 Serial.println("X just changed");

 if(ps2x.Button(PSB_L1) || ps2x.Button(PSB_R1)) // print stick values if either is TRUE
 Serial.print("Stick Values:");
 Serial.print(ps2x.Analog(PSS_LY), DEC); //Left stick, Y axis. Other options: LX, RY, RX
 Serial.print(ps2x.Analog(PSS_LX), DEC);
 Serial.print(ps2x.Analog(PSS_RY), DEC);
 Serial.println(ps2x.Analog(PSS_RX), DEC);




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