Arduino Setting esp32-s2

When you failed upload to esp32 s2 maybe this setting can help you, the point is slow down your upload speed at 460800, and now upload not problem anymore.


3d design macropad2

Download design for free here , Order kit here

this macropad using arduino pro micro, rotary encoder, and also mechanical switch

PTEG Filament Temperature

Catatan temperature 3d printer menggunakan ender5pro

Filament yang digunakan sunlu dan creality

  • Warna kuat (kuning, merah, dll) transparent 245 derajat keatas
  • Warna tidak transparant (putih, hitam) 235 derajat maks 240
    • Fan speed 40
    • Speed 60
    • Outer & Inner Speed 40
    • Retract 4.5 Speed 50

Akan terus diupdate apabila mencoba filament baru 🙂

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